• Pedigree Adult Poultry, vegetables 15kg

Pedigree Adult Poultry, vegetables

Complete feed for adult dogs.

Mature, active dogs require a daily, well-balanced diet that provides health and energy for each day. Pedigree with poultry and vegetables is a wholesome diet for adult dogs, which in addition to crispy poultry granules - a source of fiber supporting the natural work of the intestines, also contains vegetables (m. in. carrots and peas) and vitamins necessary for skin and fur health as well as whole grains - a source of carbohydrates. By giving your dog crispy Pedigree with poultry and vegetables, you will take care of his health and good humor every day.


  • Healthy teeth- every dog ​​deserves a happy and healthy smile. Because dogs taste life through their mouths, it is so important for them that teeth and gums are always healthy. That is why the new Pedigree dry food recipes contain specially prepared, crunchy granules that help clean your dog's teeth and care for his healthy gums.
  • Good digestion -every dog ​​deserves a healthy tummy. Just like people, dogs need the right level of fiber in their diet. Recipes of the new dry food Pedigree contain a special blend of soluble and insoluble fiber to support healthy digestion and to maximize the amount of key nutrients absorbed by the dog.
  • Healthy skin and fur- every dog ​​deserves to look and feel healthy. Our specially formulated recipes of the new Pedigree dry food contain sunflower oil and zinc to visibly nourish the skin and fur of your dog.
  • High resistance- every dog ​​deserves additional protection. Dogs love to sniff and put their nose everywhere, which is why protection and strength that comes from inside - from a strong immune system is so important for them. The new dry food Pedigree contains an antioxidant - vitamin E and minerals to support the immune system from the inside.



cereals, meat and animal products (including 4% poultry in a beige granule), oils and fats (including 0.2% sunflower oil and 0.25% fish oil), vegetable products (including 2% beet pulp), substances mineral, vegetables (including 4% carrots in an orange granule, 4% peas in a green granule)


Omega 62,6%
Omega 30,2%


Adjust the amount of food to the level of activity and age of the dog. The table gives the approximate dosage

Dog weight (kg)Daily dosage (g)


Delivery time - up to two weeks

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Pedigree Adult Poultry, vegetables 15kg

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