• Hill's Healthy Development Puppy Large Chicken 11kg

Hill's Canine Puppy Large Breed- chicken food for large breed puppies (from 25 kg).

Puppies of large breeds have special requirements when it comes to food. Hill's Canine Puppy Large Breed provides them a healthy start in adult life.


  • Puppies of large breeds (with an adult body weight over 25 kg) - from weaning to the end of the first year of life

It is not recommended for

  • cats
  • pregnant or nursing bitch - due to lower energy density and lower calcium content.
    • pregnant or nursing bitches should be fed with Healthy Development Puppy Mini or Medium.


Corn, chicken meal (35%) and turkey (poultry total 55%), brewing rice, animal fat, protein hydrolyzate, dried whole eggs, cellulose, dried beet pulp, minerals, flaxseed, fish oil, soybean oil, vitamins, trace elements, taurine and beta-carotene. Naturally preserved with a mixture of tocopherols and citric acid.


 Karma readyDry massfor 100 kcal EM
Protein27,0 %29,5 %7,4 g
Fat14,8 %16,2 %4,1 g
Carbohydrates (NFE)40,7 %44,5 %11,2 g
Fiber (raw)3,2 %3,5 %0,9 g
Humidity8,5 % 2,3 g
Wapń0,98 %1,07 %270 mg
Phosphorus0,80 %0,87 %220 mg
Sód0,46 %0,50 %127 mg
Potas0,75 %0,82 %207 mg
Magnesium0,09 %0,10 %25 mg
Omega-3 fatty acids0,96 %1,05 %264 mg
Omega-6 fatty acids2,83 %3,09 %780 mg
DHA0,14 %0,15 %39 mg
L-carnitine304 mg/kg332 mg/kg8 mg
taurine983 mg/kg1,074 mg / kg27 mg
Vitamin A7 539 j. m. /kg8 239 j. m. /kg208 j. m.
Vitamin D598 j. m. /kg654 j. m. /kg16 j. m.
Vitamin E600 mg/kg656 mg/kg17 mg
Vitamin C90 mg/kg98 mg/kg2,48 mg
Beta-carotene1,5 mg/kg98,0 mg/kg0,04 mg


Daily need for individual puppies per feed may vary by ± 16% (e.g.. A 4-month-old pup with a body weight of 15 kg may require between 305 and 420 grams of Science Plan ™ Puppy Healthy Development ™ Large Breed per day). Therefore, the following values ​​should be modified to maintain the optimal weight of the animal and served in 2-4 meals a day (the number of meals decreases with age).


Age / monthsBody weight kgDry gramme
2 - 35195
4 - 915370
10 - 1220365


Additional information

  • Puppies of large breeds should be fed with Science feedPuppy Healthy Development Large Breedfrom weaning to the age of 1, and then they should be administeredScience Plan Advanced Advanced Fitness Large Breed.
  • Karma SciencePuppy Healthy Development Large Breedhas been enriched with high levels of DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), which is the basic structural component of the brain, naturally occurring in breast milk. Feeding all foodScience Plan Puppy Healthy Development(pozaPuppy Healthy Development Large Breed) pregnant and lactating bitches give the puppies a significant amount of DHA before weaning. If karmaScience Plan Puppy Healthy Development Large Breedis given to puppies after weaning, they receive additional amounts of DHA for the period in which the brain and eyes are formed and develop.
  • Puppies should not receive food supplements or other foods, especially calcium supplements, because it can negatively affect the balance of essential nutrients.
DHA-omega-3 fatty acid (docosahexaenoic acid)elevated
From a natural source
It supports the optimal development of the retina, which improves vision.
Supports optimal brain development, which facilitates the training of puppies.
Energy density
Lower than in Puppy Mini / MediumIt helps to ensure optimal development of the skeleton.
ProteinElevated and high qualityIt supports normal growth and strong muscles.
L-carnitineaddedMore muscles and greater bone mass and strength
Natural fiberAddedEnsures fecal discharge with proper consistency.
Essential fatty acidselevatedThey support skin and fur health.
tastinessHighIncreases the acceptance of karma
Formula of antioxidantsaddedIt neutralizes free radicals, thanks to which it supports the immune system.

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Hill's Healthy Development Puppy Large Chicken 11kg

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