• Dr Seidel Adaptation collar for dogs 75cm


The Dr. Seidl adaptive collar is a modern, multi-component preparation from a series of behavioral aids. It works for dogs calming and soothing. It contains a composition of natural substances affecting the behavior of animals, just like dog pheromones. This composition corresponds to the mixture known from 1996, disclosed in European patent EP0724832. The use of a collar during behavioral therapy significantly supports its process. It provides the dog with a sense of security, fosters learning and quick adaptation to new challenges.


It helps to prevent behavioral problems caused by stress or anxiety in adult dogs (dealing with physiological needs at home, destroying objects, excessive vocalization and licking) and in mastering and reducing stress levels in difficult situations for dogs of all ages (disconnecting a puppy from his mother and his socialization in a new environment, change of surroundings, participation in training, visit to a veterinary surgeon, stay in a hotel dog, travel, appearance of a new family member, separation anxiety, storms, fireworks explosions, etc.)

The collar is suitable for dogs of all ages, including puppies.

Mode of action:

When wearing a collar, the fragrances contained in it are released, causing the dog to calm down.


Fit the collar to the circumference of the dog's neck.


EVA carrier maximum 79% A minimum of 21% of natural fatty acid compositions containing m. in. oleic acid (62% - 86% in pure mixture) 0,05% valerian extract


Delivery time - up to two weeks

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Dr Seidel Adaptation collar for dogs 75cm

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